Our expertise is the ongoing provision of legal advice in all matters relating to commercial law and the drafting of corporate contracts for the entrepreneurial practise,



especially with regard to:

  • Company formation and legal corporate structures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate contracts, joint-ventures, and other forms of cooperation
  • Disputes concerning Company Law
  • Legal structuring of supply and performance relations and formation of foreign subsidiaries
  • Agreements concerning licensing, cooperation as well as research and development
  • Employment agreements for directors and executive officers
  • Employment contracts and termination of employment
  • Law of Unfair Competition, Press Law and Trademark Law
  • IT- and Computer Law
  • General terms and conditions as well as conditions for supply or purchasing

Furthermore, we are specialized in areas of law that are of particular interest for companies and entrepreneurs, such as

  • Corporate succession
  • Wills and inheritance agreements
  • Insolvencies and schemes of reconstruction
  • Securing rights of creditors and partners in cases of insolvency
  • Insurance law

Another specialty of our law firm is the forced administration of immovable property in more than 500 cases.